Monday, December 31, 2007


I've created this blog as a place to "park" knitting patterns I've created -- some patterns are for items of historical interest, others purely modern. Anyone is welcome to link to these instructions. If you print, copy or share them in any other way, please include my copyright notice. These patterns may be reproduced freely for nonprofit educational purposes provided no money is charged beyond the cost of reproduction and the copyright notice is included.

If you want to chat or find out what else I've been knitting, you can also find me on Ravelry.


fillyjonk said...


I may have to try the "pre-literate" stockings sometime - not a re-enactor or anything like that, but I'm fascinated by things from the past.

knittingislife said...

thanks for this post. i think i finally understand garter stitch now. i always thought it was odd that the stitch called garter ran perpendicular to a ribbed stitch that would be more elastic. garter stitch must have its root in the idea either that its 'lines' mimic a garter, or in the fact that the garter stitch ridges would 'catch' on a garter and help hold the socks up. thanks again for this.